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Slate is a roofing material that has been used for centuries and is still valued today for its durability. It is not uncommon for a slate roof to outlast the home that it is built on. Because of the material's impressive longevity, many Bergen County roofing professionals encourage homeowners to consider replacing an asphalt shingle roof with slate.

Since slate is a natural stone, it has many characteristics that make it a good roofing material. It is naturally resistant to the weather, to fire, to insect and wildlife infestation, as well as to the growth of mold, mildew and fungus. Slate is naturally attractive and comes in a wide range of colors that include black, pink, red, and purple. Slate's elegance is attributed to the thickness and interesting texture of this natural roofing material.

Slat is fireproof and waterproof and requires no additional coating or painting. It does not need to be cleaned or maintained. As a result of these characteristics, a slate roof will lower a homeowner's insurance premium. It can also increase the property value of a home.

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Since most slate roofs will outlive the homes they are built on, the roofing material can be resold for a high salvage value. Many homeowners choose to have slate roofs installed, because they require little maintenance and offer a lifetime of protection.

However, not all slate is created equal. The quality of the slate used on a roof will vary depending on where it was quarried. If it is very porous, the slate can begin to spall as a result of water entering the pores. Additionally, the freezing and thawing process of the water may damage the roof.

Slate roofs are durable and will usually only fail if the installation was inadequate. A slate roof may fail if the nails are driven in too far, creating tension and eventually cracking the tiles. On the other hand, if a nail is not driven in far enough, the course of tiles that sit on top of the nail may protrude and make the slate susceptible to breakage if pressure is applied.

If the wrong the nails are used, some components may begin to rust. Eventually, the slate tiles will let go of the decking material and may even fall off the roof and break, causing property damage and creating potential liability for the homeowner. Because of this, copper nails are recommended in the installation process.

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