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Stucco is a siding material that has been around since ancient Greece. It was used to protect homes from the elements and continues to do so today. While stucco is often seen on homes with a specific architectural style, it is versatile enough to be used on any home. This unique siding material can be shaped and colored any way a homeowner desires. Many Bergen County roofing companies work with contractors that can install stucco. Stucco is applied on the home by coating a simple frame made of wire mesh or slat spacers. Because of the way it is applied, stucco provides great insulation benefits.

Applying stucco is an easy task, but it should be left to professionals. One of the great things about stucco is that is can be applied to virtually any surface. It can even be applied to existing stucco, making repair work a breeze. Professionals can apply the stucco to a home in a variety of different ways, such as working it on smooth for a seamless look or using special techniques to create something unique. Stucco can be textured for a bit of detail. It can also be painted, making the possibilities endless.

Stucco has many advantages that most people don't realize. In addition to general protection from the elements, stucco is fire resistant.

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This makes it a great choice for homes in areas susceptible to wildfires. It will slow down a fire, protecting the home while help arrives.

When it comes to energy efficiency, stucco is one of the best options. It provides excellent insulation for homes. Homeowners can even choose how much insulation they want by determining the thickness in which it is applied. It helps to keep the home cool during the summer months by not allowing heat from the sun to penetrate the home.

While stucco is a great option for siding, it does have a few disadvantages. Stucco is very absorbent, causing potential issues during rainfall. Stucco is naturally porous, so it holds onto water. However, it usually dries quickly. Newer stucco formulas are overcoming this issue. Stucco also tends to show stains more readily than other materials. Homeowners may have to clean the stucco more frequently than other siding materials.

Regardless of its disadvantages, stucco is an excellent siding choice for homeowners looking for tried and true home protection. There is a reason that stucco siding has existing throughout history. It provides excellent protection and insulation while giving homeowners the opportunity to design their siding the way they want.

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