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Most homeowners are not aware of the many benefits that skylights can bring to a home. The cost of installing a skylight seems to pay for itself when taking into account the financial savings, health benefits and monetary value it adds to a home. To keep homeowners informed, Bergen County roofing professionals can offer a list of the advantages that skylights can provide for a home.

Most important of all, skylights provide cost savings. This comes as a result of an increase in natural light that is allowed into the house. Rooms with skylights do not require as much light from unnatural light sources, such as lamps and ceiling lights. The warming effect that natural light produces also results in a decrease in heating costs as the additional heat supplements the warmth attained from powered heating sources.

Skylights help reduce reliance on fossil fuels for light and heating requirements, making them an environmentally friendly choice in any home. Solar energy from the sun is an unlimited resource that skylights take advantage of. The increase in light and heat provided by skylights indirectly reduce the nation's reliance on harmful fossil fuels.

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Skylights also allow homes to take full advantage of the physiological impact of natural light. Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight makes people happier and healthier. Healthy doses of natural sunlight provide the body with Vitamin D, which is a crucial factor in the prevention of a number of diseases.

Additionally, skylights in homes provide health benefits to homeowners. Skylights effectively reduce and prevent mildew and mold accumulation in homes. In damp locations such as bathrooms or kitchens, they allow radiation from natural sunlight to kill bacteria that can lead to disease or certain respiratory problems.

Skylights have a way of adding life and brightening the overall appearance of small spaces. New innovative "sun tunnels" are tube shaped skylights that allow bright sunlight into closets, bathrooms or other rooms where large traditional skylights are not an option. These special skylights are perfect for allowing light into bathrooms that require privacy from neighbors located in close proximity.

Finally, skylights add to the value of a home. In addition to money savings and health benefits, they add a certain architectural element that many homeowners find appealing. This adds to the resale value of the home when it comes time to sell. For advice and answer to questions about skylight installation, please do not hesitate to contact a roofing professional.

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