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When having a roof replaced, homeowners often wonder what exactly is involved in removing the old roof and installing the new one and how long the process will take from start to finish. Professionals from Bergen County roofing companies hear these questions all the time and know the answers. Although exact timing is variable, just like the roof installation itself, here is a typical timeline for reroofing or having a new residential roof installed.

The first step in installing a new roof is to remove the old one although sometimes a new roof can be installed on top of the older roof. After that, the roofing professionals assess the condition of the sub structure. This includes noting any issues found regarding the previous roof. For example, they may find signs of previous leaks, rotten wood, or poorly installed components. Some of this may require repair before the installation can begin in earnest.

Light repairs may only require a few hours, unless special components are needed. Moderate repairs can set the work back a day or so issues of any greater severity are generally known beforehand and factored into the work schedule.

If necessary, additional or replacement roof decking is installed, after which work begins on placing and securing the shingles.

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The time required to installed shingles can vary considerably, depending on the type used. Asphalt shingles install very quickly, sometimes in a single day, while cedar shake and slate are much slower and more painstaking to work with. Natural slate may take as long as four days for a particularly challenging installation.

After this, the roofers begin installing pipe collars. If the home has a chimney or skylight, this is the time when their flashing would be installed. This stops water from seeping into the home through spaces around them. Ventilation is treated in much the same way to ensure that the roof has high structural integrity. If the homeowner is having a skylight or other features added, this would be the time when that occurs.

When the job is completed, the roofing company will perform a thorough clean up, including removing the debris from the previous roof and the installation process. A professional company will leave the environment pristine, free from pieces of shingle or tar paper. Many roofers are now opting to recycle these materials, where possible, to be more ecofriendly in their practices.

Many straightforward roof replacements require one to two days. For architectural roofs, high end materials and added feature installation, this can grow to be as long as a week. The time frame also depends on the weather. Rain or extreme heat can cause delays.

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