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When a roof suffers storm damage or requires repair due to natural wear and tear, a homeowner will often face the difficult decision of whether to repair or replace the roof. Patching or repairing is usually faster and less expensive up front, but reroofing may be the more economical choice over the long term.

If a homeowner has a Bergen County roofing company that they trust and have worked with in the past, then they should schedule an estimate with them as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may be prudent to schedule estimates with three or more companies that seem like a good fit for the job. Have the roofers inspect the entire roof structure rather than just the immediate area of the damage. A thorough inspection will include identifying flashing and shingle damage and going into the attic to assess the ventilation and identify indications of water intrusion.

When determining whether to repair or replace, there are three primary things to consider: the age of the roof, the condition of all aspects of the roof and whether the house will be sold in the near future. A new roof makes a home more valuable and easier to sell, so if the damage is significant, then it may make more sense to opt for reroofing.

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If an asphalt roof is five or more years old, then many real estate agents will advise replacing it unless the repair is minor.

If sale of the home isn't a consideration, then the homeowner must assess age within the context of life expectancy. A 15 year lifespan for a standard asphalt roof in a climate with harsh winters is a decent return on investment. So, a 10 year old roof that requires a significant repair may be more trouble than it's worth. On the other hand, laminated asphalt may be expected to last about 25 years, which would make repair a much more appealing and economical option.

Finally, when determining whether to repair damage, consider that damage within the context of the entire roof. Sometimes a bad section of flashing is just a section that's worn out and requires replacement. However, if other sections of flashing and shingles are showing signs of wear and issues exist on the soffits and fascias as well, then there is probably a systemic problem. If the problem is roof wide, a repair now will just lead to additional repairs in the future.

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