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One of the most important components of a roofing system is the ventilation of the roof and the attic space. Proper ventilation increases the lifespan of the roof and is required by the manufacturers of roofing materials as well as local building codes. One of its main functions is minimizing the buildup of attic humidity, something that contributes to the deterioration of a roof.

A few of the various roofing ventilation options that are available to homeowners are briefly described below. There are many products, but not all of them are appropriate for every roofing system. Homeowners should research a product before making a final decision. Anyone who is unsure of what type of ventilation product is best for his or her roofing should contact a Bergen County roofing professional for assistance.

Ridge vents are strips of ventilation that are placed along the edges of a roof. In order to work properly, the vents cannot be obstructed by any other part of the home. Spaces for ridge vents are made by removing a 1 inch wide strip of roof decking on both sides of the ridge line to permit air to move through the vents.

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Another ventilation option for a roofing system is the soffit vent. Soffit vents are located in the eaves of a roof and are always used with another type of vent that is set up at a higher location in order to move air and humidity out of the attic. In most cases, they allow air to move through the soffits of a home to the ridge vent. In order to ensure that the air movement is unrestricted, insulation baffles are often installed where the roofline and attic floor meet in order to restrain attic insulation.

Homeowners can also consider the use of a whole house fan for their roofing system. This fan draws air out of the attic space and pushes it outside. There are many types from which to choose, including some that are solar powered, operated by a switch, and some that use a thermostat for activation and automatically dispense air outside when the attic air reaches a certain temperature.

Proper roofing ventilation is a key part of a working roofing system. Venting the attic air beneath the roof can be done with a variety of ventilation products. These products can help lengthen the working life of a roof by reducing the moisture in the attic.

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