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Moisture is the primary cause of infrastructure damage in a home. As such, water leaks should be identified and quickly repaired. Water damage can be a serious issue and can lead to further problems relating to family health and the structural integrity of a home.

If an attic is leaking, there can be damage to the furnishings and family treasures that are stored there. Paint and plaster on nearby walls will also be affected and will destroy the beauty of a home. The signs of water infiltration include water stains, in addition to bubbling or blistering paint on the walls. Moreover, ceiling mounted lights or fans may also be affected by this leakage. Bergen County roofing inspections should be able to find the cause.

Water damage can, in addition, be a source of serious health problems for the home's occupants. Mold and mildew can grow and spread through the home structure and can be found in the carpets, furniture and even in clothing in the home's wardrobes. People who have allergies are highly sensitive to mold and mildew. Those who experience congestion, rhinitis or asthma are particularly at risk. Mold is often hard to get rid of, and black mold is especially troublesome for those with a sensitivity to such irritants.

In addition, water damage can cause problems with electricity and wiring in an attic or ceiling.

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The concern with a leaking roof is that it can be a fire hazard when electrical wires may be shorted out. This scenario is a serious home threat and involves the family's safety. Electricity bills can be higher due to a leaking roof, since the water damage might harm the insulation in the attic. Because it takes a long time for the insulation to dry out, if the repair of the roof is put off, the home will lose its ability to resist outside temperatures. Utility bills can increase as a result.

Roofing contractors can address these issues in a variety of ways. While caulking leaks is effective in the short term, the caulking can only hold out temporarily and may not be a good solution to a leaky roof. Over time, a leak can cause structural damage and could result in a collapse of part of the ceiling, putting families and furnishings, electronics and pets at risk.

Water damage is a serious problem and should not be ignored. The value of a home, family health and the integrity of a structure are all affected. Small leaks can become bigger ones, causing more damage than anticipated. A leak will not go away by itself and should be addressed by professionals.

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