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So long as a roof functions the way that it should, the people underneath it don't often give it much thought. Every day, however, Bergen County roofing withstands the elements and other conditions to protect the building under the roof. Roofing repairs and replacements are the perfect time to think about what a roof endures to ensure that the correct roofing materials are selected for the job.

During the daytime, the sun's damaging UV rays are absorbed by roofs. Roofing systems are exposed to drying, blistering heat and must be able withstand and, in some cases, reflect this heat in order to keep a building's occupants safe from continual sun exposure and excessive heat.

Roofs also protect people from impacts. Damaging storms can create sizable hailstones that hit roofs at potentially damaging speeds. Roofs must withstand both hail damage and bear the impact of fallen tree limbs and other potential debris during storms and times of high winds. These items can potentially damage a roof not only on impact, but also if they happen to slide across the roof as well.

Weight is also an issue for roofing materials. Not only must a roof support itself, but it must also support snow loads and ice patches. Many commercial roofs also hold snow removal, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, and many residential roofs also support the added weight of solar panels, which can make the home more energy efficient.

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Of course, not everything a roof must withstand comes from the conditions listed above. Roofing materials must be able to resist high winds, which can impact a roof from almost any direction. Hurricane force winds are strong enough to lift shingles and, in some instances, the entire roof off of a home. Those in areas prone to hurricanes and tornadoes must take special precautions to protect the roof from these weathering elements.

Perhaps one of the most obvious element of nature that roofs must withstand is water. High winds can cause rain to hit a roof at an angle and can even force rain sideways, pushing it up underneath eaves and other parts of the roof's structure.

When it comes time for a roof replacement, homeowners who are aware of weather conditions and their effect on their home's roof will be better prepared to choose the correct roofing materials. Though a new roof can be expensive, it's a worthwhile investment. The better the materials and workmanship put into the roof, the better able it will be to protect the building beneath it for many years to come.

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