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The NRCA recommends that homeowners have their roofs professionally inspected every five years. Not coincidentally, most roof inspection certificates, which are commonly used in real estate sales, are usually valid for a period of five years. Most Bergen County roofing companies perform inspections, and inspections are usually a relatively inexpensive service or even provided at no charge.

There are three primary reasons why homeowners should schedule professional inspections of their roofs: Professional inspections provide an assessment of any necessary maintenance and repairs, an estimation of remaining lifespan and a certificate of inspection. The certificate is usually only important if a homeowner plans to sell his or her home before the next professional inspection takes place. For homeowners who aren't selling, the assessment provides a roadmap for the roof that can save money. Knowing when to replace flashing can save a homeowner many times what the inspection costs.

The best time to schedule an inspection depends on the roof and the homeowner. If a homeowner has never scheduled an inspection or has gone past the five year mark, then he or she should schedule immediately. Otherwise, the ideal time to schedule routine inspections is toward the end of summer. There are other times when homeowners should schedule an inspection regardless of how recent their last inspections were.

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This includes after a major storm, such as tropical storm or hurricane, or in preparation of selling a home if the homeowner doesn't currently have a valid certificate.

Homeowners should know what an inspection generally involves. Most inspectors will use a checklist, and that checklist is often provided to the homeowner at the beginning of the process. The inspector will assess the condition of all roofing materials, the exterior roof structure, the roof interior and the ceilings under the attic. Attic inspection generally includes assessment of ventilation and insulation, and inspection of the exterior structure usually includes flashing, soffits, fascia boards, gutters, downspouts, windows and so forth.

Good roof inspectors will have an open dialogue with the homeowner they're performing the inspection for, and homeowners should expect this kind of communication. Let the inspector do the job, but when he or she isn't on the roof or in the attic, the homeowner should feel free to ask questions. When the job is complete, the inspector should provide a detailed report. The report should include images that support the findings. It should also include advice on how the homeowner should proceed.

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