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The most common types of roofing materials can last anywhere from 20 to 100 years before they need to be replaced. Roofs are built to withstand different weather conditions and can remain durable under plenty of pressure. Unfortunately, there comes a time when every roof needs to be replaced to continue protecting the home from outside elements.

Storms commonly occur throughout the fall and winter season, which can cause roofing materials to blow off of the home and fall into the yard. If shingles or tiles are discovered lying in the area around the home, it is time to have the roofing structure inspected and possibly replaced.

An additional sign that a roof is no longer durable is if part of the structure is sagging due to materials that are weak. This can put the roof at risk of collapsing if too much pressure is applied. Some roofers may suggest that sagging can be repaired, but most Bergen County roofing professionals recommend replacing the entire structure to prevent extensive damage that can occur.

Homeowners who want to determine whether their roof needs to be replaced can evaluate the current condition of the flashing that was installed.

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The flashing around skylights or chimneys is one of the most common spots where leaks occur due to gaps that develop over time. The flashing material can also suffer from rust, which can prevent it from sealing off the home from moisture. If the flashing is worn or damaged, then the structure likely needs to be replaced.

There may also be leaks that continue to develop on a frequent basis, which can threaten the inside components of the home. Homeowners may have their personal belongings damaged from water or might even have mold develop, which can cause health issues among inhabitants of the house. Although leaks can be repaired each time they're discovered, it's best to build a new roof with materials that are new.

Homeowners can even choose to simply look at the age of their home when deciding the best time to install a new roofing structure. Each roofing material has a different lifespan and can vary in its durability. Metal roofs tend to last an average of 50 years while slate materials can last 100 years. Those who have wood shakes on their roof should replace the structure after 25 years, and clay tiles can be replaced after 50 years. Those with typical asphalt shingles should hire a professional to install a new roof after an average of 20 years.

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