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Siding doesn't last forever. When siding cracks, leaks or shows signs of age, it may be time to replace it. New Jersey homeowners who need new siding should consult with a Bergen County roofing professional. Roofing and construction experts can help homeowners assess current damage and decide whether the old siding needs to be removed.

One sign that siding needs to be discarded is peeling paint. Quality siding should only need to be repainted every ten years. If the paint is cracking or chipping too quickly, it means that the current siding is structurally unsound. Another warning sign is high electricity bills. Low quality siding can let heat and air conditioning escape. If siding isn't providing adequate insulation, homeowners should replace it with a higher quality product.

Homeowners should inspect their house regularly for any signs of damage. When assessing siding, people should look for any indications of rot or warping. If any of the siding has warped, check beneath and examine the underlayment. If that layer has softened or begun to rot, the siding needs to gotten rid of immediately. Checking for cracked and loose siding is also important.

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If the cracks are isolated to one area of the house, it may be from storm damage and the repairs might be minimal. If there is a large amount of cracked or loose siding, however, this could require professional intervention. Try to replace loose siding quickly, as it can cause leaks and damage that is expensive to fix.

Homeowners should also look for mildew and mold. Fungus is not necessarily evidence of defective siding, but it may mean that it has been penetrated by water. Examine the color of the siding as well. If the color has faded significantly, it may be time to purchase new siding. Siding is not built to last forever, and a change in color might mean that the waterproofing has become less effective. Another sign that moisture has seeped into the siding is the presence of bubbles.

Faulty siding can also be detected inside the home. If paint or wallpaper is peeling, it might be an indication that the siding isn't providing adequate insulation. If moisture is seeping through to the interior of the house, it can cause damage that will need more than a new coat of paint.

The main purpose of siding is to keep moisture from seeping into the interior of the house. If it is not properly insulating the home, contact a roofing or construction professional to discuss new siding options.

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