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Natural wood siding is often preferred by homeowners. Wood siding provides a traditional beauty that sometimes can't be matched by synthetic, manmade material. Modern siding manufacturers try to mimic the appearance of natural wood because it is a unique and rustic look that many people desire. A Bergen County roofing company can install wood siding on a home to resemble architecture of yesteryear or replace the existing siding on a historic home. Homeowners considering getting this type of siding should know what to expect before and after installation.

One thing most homeowners don't realize is that wood siding can be made a number of different ways. Clapboards are horizontal boards that overlap to allow water to flow freely over them. Rectangular planks are boards that are installed vertically. Shingles are similar in appearance to the material used on roofs. They are machine cut to ensure that every piece is the same size. Shakes are bit more unique as they are hand cut to add variety in size and shape.

Wood siding can also come in a variety of different wood species. Some species are best suited for certain types of siding.

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However, most species can be used for any style, allowing homeowners to create any look they want. Siding can be made from cedar, redwood, cypress, spruce, pine and fir. Each type of wood provides its own advantages and disadvantages.

Aside from its aesthetic features, many homeowners choose wood for its durability and protection. Wood is incredibly resistant to physical damage. Homes with many trees around can benefit from wood siding; branches blown against the home from heavy winds won't do much damage. Wood siding is also great for insulation, which helps to make the home more energy efficient.

Wood siding also has its list of disadvantages. One of the biggest is the maintenance requirement. Wood siding needs a lot of attention and care to stay in good condition. It must be repainted or resealed on a regular basis. Failure to do so will result in cracking and warping. Wood siding is also more vulnerable to bug infestations. It's common for wood eating bugs to feast on siding if it is not treated with an insecticide.

Overall, wood siding is a great choice for homeowners looking for a unique siding option. While it may be more expensive than vinyl siding, the investment is well worth it. Wood siding is an environmentally friendly option that will surely turn heads.

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