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There are several roofing styles that are considered variations of the hip roof, a roof with sides that all have downward slopes to the walls. One of these styles is the bonnet roof, a modified version of the hip roof that is able to add functional space to a home while giving the property a unique style.

A bonnet roof has four sides. The upper sections of each of its four sides have a higher pitch than the bottom sections. One of its most distinguishing features is the bottom portion of the roof that extends well beyond the vertical walls, creating a sheltered space that is often used for wraparound porches or patios. A bonnet roof is sometimes referred to as a kicked eaves roof as the bottom sections of roof resemble a large eave.

The construction of a bonnet roof is much more difficult than for other styles of roofs, and it requires experienced and knowledgeable Essex County roofers with some familiarity with the design. It entails using trusses that have to be tailor made for the roof and special reinforcing to ensure that lower, extended portions of the roof are stable. Homeowners who enjoy the bonnet roof design will find that its installation can entail an expensive financial investment.

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A well constructed bonnet roof can be well worth the time and money it takes to have it built. Its shape prevents the accumulation of snow and water and helps it to withstand extreme winds. The portion of the roof that overhangs gives protection from weather elements to the space directly underneath it, which can be fashioned into an open or enclosed wraparound porch, veranda or patio. Its two sloped design is suitable for almost any type of roof covering, which affords homeowners the opportunity to have a roof that reflects their own personal tastes.

The unique look of the roof does not come without a few drawbacks. As with a typical hip roof, the design of a bonnet roof does not allow for an adequate amount of usable attic space. The complexity of the trusses required to support the structure also makes it difficult, but not impossible, to integrate ventilation into the roof.

The bonnet roof is an extended version of a hip roof that is not very frequently found on homes, but this style can give a home an exceptional appearance. Interested homeowners should speak with their roofing contractor for more information.

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