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Making sure that the roof is clean and well maintained is one of the most important tasks that all homeowners need to do. Not only is it strongly recommended for individuals to call their Essex County roofers to have regular maintenance work performed, but it is also a good idea for individuals to perform some of the required work themselves. One of the biggest problems that all homeowners frequently have to deal with is the appearance of algae on their roof. Algae can be dangerous because it retains moisture, and many homeowners do not like the way it darkens the roof's appearance. Fortunately, it can be easy for individuals to keep algae off their roof through a few easy preventative procedures.

All homeowners should begin with a simple cleaning procedure. This means preparing a detergent mixture with water to apply to the roof's surface. This solution can be enough to remove surface grime and dirt without wearing away at the shingles themselves. With a sufficient solution, homeowners will be able to get rid of existing algae and moss from their roof's surface.

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Once the roof is clean and there are no signs of algae, all that individuals will need to do is contact the experts to have a strip of zinc or copper coated sheet metal installed along the sides of the roof below the ridge. When it rains, the runoff produced by these strips can be enough to kill future algae growth. However, homeowners should remember that using this method can also be harmful to local flora and fauna. Rainwater that is collected in such a way usually cannot be used for gray water applications because of the toxic content.

While copper can be more toxic to algae and moss growths, galvanized sheet metal is usually much less expensive for the homeowner to install. Both copper and galvanized metal can be available in various widths and thicknesses depending on the severity of infestation. Homeowners should be sure to consult with the professionals to have such systems installed.

For properties that are located right on the coast, homeowners will need to deal with extensive algae growth and long term damage. In order to combat such issues, it is strongly recommended for homeowners to consider installing shingles that have been treated to resist algae growth. These shingles can be just as easy to install as asphalt ones, and they can provide homeowners with the protection they need from algae growth problems and conditions.

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