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When the roof doesn't get enough sunlight, it provides the perfect environment for algae to grow. Algae shows up as black streaks along the roof. While there's no evidence that algae has a negative effect on the shingles, it's definitely unsightly and something that most homeowners want to avoid. Anyone dealing with algae growth should talk to Essex county roofers about the ways to prevent this growth.

Homeowners do have some choices when it comes to reducing algae growth. If the overhanging tree branches are the cause of the damp environment, cutting them down could stop algae from growing. This works best if done in conjunction with applying an algaecide after cleaning the roof.

Alternatively, some people choose to install copper flashing at the ridge of the roof and around any protrusions in the roof. Copper is a natural algaecide and when it rains; the water washes the copper ions over the roof, providing a new barrier to the algae. This solution works well for many people.

Those who struggle with algae, though, should consider choosing algae resistant shingles, or "AR shingles" when it's time to replace the roof.

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Rather than relying on the rain to wash copper ions over the roof, these shingles have been designed with copper granules built right into them. From the ground, there's no visible difference between algae resistant shingles and any other type of asphalt shingle. It's also possible install these shingles with copper flashing for double the protection.

Understandably, these shingles come with a slightly higher price tag. However, many believe them to be well worth the additional cost. With their ability to prevent algae growth, the homeowner is able to save money on regular cleaning over the years. It could also help increase the value of the home when it comes time to sell.

It's important to talk to the roofing contractor about the warranty that comes along with the shingles, though. Some warranties may come with a lifelong guarantee when it comes to preventing algae growth, while others have more limited warranties. Homeowners usually want to stay protected for as long as possible, and if algae was a common problem on the old roofing system, it makes sense to choose the product that offers the longest protection.

Experienced roofers have the knowledge necessary to help homeowners choose the best roofing system for a particular home. When interviewing companies to replace a roof, it's smart to tell the company about current problems and ask how different materials can make a positive difference.

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