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Most reroofing projects require a tear off, and with a tear off comes many shingles and other roofing materials that have to be discarded. For years, Essex County roofers have been taking this debris to the local landfills, but more recently, asphalt recycling has become an option.

Roofers often use a dumpster to discard roofing materials as they perform a tear off. When recycling, one dumpster is used for shingles with roofing nails intact and another is used for all other roofing materials. When the job is done or the dumpster is full, the dumpster with the shingles and nails is transported to a nearby asphalt recycling center. The process begins with extracting the roofing nails with a large magnet. The second phase is flotation, which separates wood scraps and other bits that shouldn't be there. Finally, the shingles go through a grinding and sieving process before being used as the stock material for a new batch of asphalt.

Once the process is complete, the repurposed asphalt can be used for a wide range of purposes where standard asphalt is used.

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Perhaps the most common usage is the paving of roads, but some companies have begun to manufacturer repurposed asphalt shingles, which creates an ecofriendly cycle.

Asphalt recycling has been an industry goal for decades, but it's only more recently that the technology was available to make it practical. Consider that the tear off on an average home yields about two tons of asphalt shingles, and more than 10 million tons are torn off nationwide each year. Standard asphalt is not biodegradable. This means that the environmental footprint of roofing homes is significant, and just a single homeowner can make a big difference by choosing to recycle.

Keep in mind that many landfills now have contracts in place with asphalt recycling services. Homeowners can call their local landfills to determine if that is the case. If not, homeowners can ask their local roofers or even deal directly with the recycling center if one is nearby. Another option is dumpster rental services, which sometimes provide recycling services as well.

Asphalt shingle recycling is an important step in being more environmentally friendly. Eventually, most communities will have access to asphalt recycling centers, and this will become a standard aspect of roofing a home. It takes time to put that infrastructure in place, however, and some homeowners will have no option but to discard their shingles the traditional way.

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