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Asphalt shingles have been the go to option for professional roofers in North America for the past three decades. Homeowners are attracted to asphalt shingles because they are relatively attractive, require little maintenance and are the perfect option for a homeowner who wants to replace their roof on a budget.

Essex County roofers know that asphalt shingles do not offer the same level of protection or aesthetic appeal as premium roofing materials such as copper, slate or clay tiles. However, for their price, they do provide adequate protection against the elements and fire.

Asphalt shingles are divided into two categories. There are organic shingles, which have as their base some form of waste paper, and then there are fiberglass shingles, which have as their base some fiberglass weaving. Both types of shingles are dipped in asphalt to make them waterproof. The asphalt is then covered with stone or ceramic granules. These stone granules protect the shingles from the sun's UV rays.

Although organic asphalt shingles are more durable than fiberglass ones, especially in areas that experience subzero temperatures during the winter and high temperatures during the summer, they are slowly being phased out. This is because asphalt shingles require a higher level of asphalt to make them waterproof. As a result, they are more flammable and less environmentally friendly. On the other hand, fiberglass shingles provide good fire protection.

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While they are not the most environmentally friendly roofing material available, they are better than their organic counterparts.

The number one benefit that asphalt shingles provide is their price. They have a relatively low upfront installation price. They provide homes with decent protection for between 12 to 15 years.

Just because asphalt shingles are inexpensive does not mean that they are lacking in style. Asphalt shingles can be purchased in three different styles. There is the basic three tab style, architectural shingles and premium shingles.

Three tab shingles are made from one layer of roofing material. They are the least expensive and the most basic option. Architectural shingles on the other hand are made from multiple layers of roofing material. They are stronger, last longer, and give a roof a beautiful three dimensional look. Architectural shingles are available in many different styles and colors. Some have been crafted to mimic the appearance of wood shingles or slate shingles.

Roofing contractors like asphalt shingles because they are easy to install. They do not require the advanced training that a metal roof or a slate roof requires. Asphalt shingles are lightweight and can be installed on just about any roof without requiring additional structural support. Most shingle roofs can be installed in just a couple of days.

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