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The average roof lasts approximately 20 years, but if a homeowner doesn't move into a newly constructed home, the roof's known age may only be approximate. All types of roofing materials get worn and weathered over time, and gradually a leak appears. Sudden damage can be caused by trees and debris from storms, leaving the structure underneath exposed to weather. The longer the leak goes undetected, the more damage is caused until a more obvious problem appears. An experienced contractor is needed to locate these problems. In coastal New Jersey, Essex County roofers know deterioration to roofs is further influenced by the salt and sand in ocean air.

There are many types of roof shingles. Tile and slate can last a long time, but they can break should something fall on them or by walking on them. Inspecting these requires professional help. Asphalt and fiberglass shingles are graded by the number of years it takes for them to wear. Signs of worn shingle are cupped edges, cracks and missing granules. Wood shingles show signs of rot, splitting, or insect damage. Metal roofs rust, despite being recoated, then weaken and pit. Flat roofs with rubber or roll out asphalt roofing material deserve special attention. Without a pitch to roll water and debris off, they may need to be checked, maintained and repaired more often.

The roofers from All Professional Remodeling of Essex County can assist you with any questions regarding roofing, skylights or gutters.

Knowing when to repair or replace a roof takes expert inspection. Crawling up on a roof without the necessary experience is ill advised. Problems occur in several different areas of the roofing system like flashing, chimneys, ventilation, and gutters. The issue can be simple or complex depending on whether it recently happened or was concealed underneath the shingles and sheathing for a while. Hidden damage left unchecked takes an expert to know the extent of damage caused. The contractor will advise a course of action, but it is up to the homeowner whether to repair or replace the roof. This is why finding the right contractor is important. Trusting the contractor's advice will ensure the right answer to the problem.

Assess the contractor and get more than one opinion or quote. Make sure they are licensed, insured and established. Find a contractor who can come out quickly, diagnose the problem and provide competitive pricing and proof of prior quality workmanship that is guaranteed. Go online to check out their vital statistics. How long have they been in business and do they have a rating with the better business bureau? Check out the company website for customer service policies and a professional appearance.

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