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Natural lighting is the top reason why most homeowners call Essex County roofers to install skylights. Having a skylight can help capture optimal daylight for a living space that's more open and spacious. Whereas incandescent light bulbs create an unnatural yellow glow that can cause eyestrain and headaches, skylights bring in white, healthy sunlight. Incorporating natural illumination into an interior design plan will help highlight architectural details and bring smaller rooms to life. In homes built close together, skylights can also provide sufficient light without compromising privacy.

Skylights are ecofriendly roof design features that tap into the unlimited natural resource of solar energy. Homeowners with skylights typically use less electric lighting and have low household energy consumption. This reduces harmful emissions from unsustainable power and lowers dependence on toxic fossil fuels. Minimizing energy usage is vital for protecting Earth's health and slowing climate change. Installing a skylight qualified with an Energy Star label will provide the best environmental advantages. Skylights can help homeowners save money by decreasing utility bills and reaping added tax incentives too.

Installing skylights has been linked to several health benefits.

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Sunlight provides plenty of vitamin D, which is proven to boost the immune system and protect against certain diseases. Poor lighting is a known trigger of depression, but skylights let in natural light as a mood enhancer year round. Bright lighting will help stimulate the mind, enlighten the senses and avoid fatigue. Research even shows that patients exposed to natural illumination recover more quickly from illnesses and surgeries. Sunshine can also relieve stress and therefore lower blood pressure.

Electric venting skylights are particularly advantageous in improving a house's airflow. Through a chimney effect, the skylights exhaust warm air from inside the home and draw in fresh air for natural cooling. Some roofers refer to venting skylights as passive air conditioners. These skylights can diminish the need for using air conditioning and fans during the warm summertime, thus lowering energy consumption again. Improved ventilation can clear up excess moisture lingering in the home as well. This discourages the growth of mildew, mold and other harmful organisms.

Skylight installation involves removing shingles, making a roof opening, cutting through the rafters, nailing in a header and waterproofing with heavy duty flashing. Therefore, putting in a skylight is a job best left to a roofer. Homeowners should only work with licensed, insured and experienced contractors capable of delivering quality work that maximizes skylight benefits.

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