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The first line of defense homeowners can provide for their roof is the practice of having it regularly inspected. Roofing inspections address small problems before they can grow into major ones. Shingles, caulking, and flashings naturally wear down over time, but under the watchful eye of Essex County roofers, their deterioration can be predicted and prevented before water damages occur and repairs become costly. Calling in a contractor before the summer and winter seasons can significantly raise the expected lifespan of a roof.

Summer's heat and abundance of UV rays are especially harmful to asphalt shingles, the most common roofing material used in modern homes. Asphalt shingles are protected by granules, which give them their distinctive color and ability to insulate. However, hot shingles lose granules quickly, exposing the asphalt underneath to direct sunlight. Once exposed, their integrity quickly fails. Part of a roofer's inspection routine will involve identifying and replacing at risk shingles, which will allow the entire roof to function more efficiently. It is better to do this before summer than during or after because the stronger insulation will cut cooling costs significantly.

The primary threat of winter is its cold, wet atmosphere and weather.

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Snow and ice have a tendency to attack clog drains and gutters, causing melting water to pool up and damage roofing elements. An inspector will make certain that these elements are clear, as well as verify that the house's ventilation is in acceptable condition. These small steps help prevent ice dams from forming at the edges of a roof, preventing melting water from flowing away. Water damage in the winter can be quite serious. It can rot or rust wooden and metal roofing materials respectively, and seep past asphalt shingles to create leaks.

During all seasons, the condition of a roof's caulking and flashings are important to its overall security. These elements protect areas that shakes and shingles can't, such as where planes of a roof meet or where chimneys and windows are placed. They are quite strong but through continued exposure to different kinds of weather throughout the year can become cracked and damaged. Unlike wear on shingles, a typical homeowner is not likely to be able to see these damages from the ground. However, the resulting water damage that follows can be immediate and profound.

Annual or biannual checkups are the only real way to guarantee an effective roof all year round. Fortunately, they are a very affordable service and one that is often covered by warranties and insurance policies.

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