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Skylights make rooms seem brighter and bigger. They can bring light into a dark kitchen, make a cramped bathroom seem spacious and turn a bedroom ceiling into a starry spectacle. There are several factors to consider before installing a skylight. New Jersey homeowners should consult with Essex County roofers to figure out what type of skylight is best for their home.

Skylights don't merely bring light into a home. They are also fiscally and environmentally responsible. In the daytime, they reduce the need for electric lights, which helps homeowners save on electricity bills. They can also bring warmth into the home during the winter, and ventilating skylights can keep the house cool during the summer. Skylights are an excellent, money saving investment when installed properly.

When choosing a skylight, homeowners need to decide whether they want one that is fixed or operable. Operable skylights can be opened several inches, which allows for greater ventilation. Air is able to circulate in warm summer months, letting out the hot rising air and letting in the fresh air. Operable skylights cost more than fixed skylights, which do not open.

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People who live in a climate with hot summers may feel that the benefits outweigh the increased cost.

Skylight frames are made of a variety of materials. When choosing a skylight, homeowners need to choose between metal, vinyl and wood frames. Most skylights also have an aluminum cladding that helps to protect the frame. To reduce leakage, homeowners should request a special integral flashing. Condensation gutters can also help to eliminate leakage and moisture problems.

Once homeowners have decided on the type of skylight they want to install, they can consider location. Skylights can only be installed in rooms that are directly below attic spaces or the roof. The sun must also be taken into consideration. If the skylight faces south or west, it will bring in direct sunlight whereas skylights facing the opposite direction may not receive any direct sunlight at all. The amount of sunlight can also be controlled by the shape of the light shaft. If the shaft is flared on all sides, light will distribute over a wide area. If the shaft is straight, the amount of direct sunlight will be lessened. An angled shaft will send sunlight in a particular direction.

Homeowners must consider location, material and functionality before deciding on a skylight. Contact a professional roofing company to ensure that new skylight installations go smoothly.

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