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Traditionally, rooftops consist of a mixture of ridges and valleys that add visual appeal and help control the flow of water. Because of their function, Essex County roofers must pay careful attention to these areas when installing roofing material on a home. As a new roof project begins, homeowners must work with contractors to choose between open or closed valley layouts. Typically, closed valleys have woven shingles covering low lying areas, whereas open valleys employ metal flashing.

In most cases, closed valleys tend to be less expensive to roof because contractors simply continue shingle installation across the entire roof span for these types of layouts. Workers don't have to stop and trim shingle edges to make room for metal flashing lengths, and this helps save time and labor costs. Ideally, homeowners should compare costs between closed and open valleys before deciding on installing one or the other.

In addition to being less costly, closed valleys are often very attractive. With proper installation, these valleys display a finely woven appearance that helps the entire roof look like one continuous surface. Woven valleys are functional too. Experienced contractors add roofing felt under valleys with appropriate overlap.

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If any moisture seeps under shingles within valleys, the felt underlayment will direct water to nearby drainage channels.

In addition, homeowners should also note that contractors can further enhance the function of closed valleys by adding hidden aluminum channels. With these in place, the woven shingles will benefit from the protection of both felt and aluminum materials. In the end, potential leaks into the rooftop are almost entirely eliminated. Contractors, however, need to service the rooftop on a regular basis to ensure all materials remain in place without warping or damage.

In contrast, tile, stone and shake rooftop installations must have open valleys to maintain leak free conditions. Metal flashing, such as copper, lines valleys to help swiftly move water into nearby gutters. Contractors use specialized techniques to create smooth transitions between surface materials and valley metal. They will also install extensive roofing felt below all roofing materials to ensure dry conditions across lower decking. Frequent preventative maintenance visits preserves open valley installations for many decades.

Generally, all contractors have different opinions about open and closed valleys. Regardless of design choice, rooftops must remain leak free for many decades. Preferably, homeowners should ask several contractors for their professional opinions regarding valley designs. In the end, homeowners must weigh all factors associated with each layout to select the right coverage type.

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