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Flat roofing systems are frequently featured in both commercial and residential applications. Homeowners value them for their modern appearance and how efficiently they are able to break winds in areas that are prone to hurricanes and other storm problems. However, much like with any other system, a flat rooftop has its own unique set of problems that need to be addressed before the installation process takes place. Homeowners are strongly encouraged to keep some of the following issues in mind before they contact the Essex County roofers to have this roof shape installed.

Depending on the size of the roof, structural stability can be one of the most pressing issues for homeowners to deal with. Generally, the larger that the flat roofing system is, the less stable it will be. A flat roof can be dangerous on a large building because its weight will need to be compensated for from the inside of the building. Homeowners will need to spend more to have poles and pillars installed to support the roof's structure.

This roofing system also has trouble when it comes to supporting precipitation. Both heavy rains and heavy snows can be a problem for a flat roof.

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Larger flat roofs, in particular, are not able to shed snows or rains as they pile up. The heavy moisture tends to accumulate and add to the excessive weight at the top of the building. Sometimes, the weight can be too much for the roof and it will collapse as a direct result, costing homeowners in the long term.

These systems will need to be maintained regularly as well. When homeowners neglect basic maintenance techniques, the flat roof will have a much shorter lifespan than other roofing shapes would. The gutters and the drains must always be kept clean to prevent pooling and collapses due to the rain. Signs of damage will need to be checked regularly as well, and skipping even one maintenance session can be enough to cause problems with the roofing system.

Finally, flat roof owners may not like the variety of options available when it comes to the roof's primary materials. Homeowners may choose from a BUR system, EPDM or PVC to protect their roof's surface from potential problems. However, all of these systems are limiting in some way, and they may not provide homeowners with the appearance that they want for their roofing system. Customers do not have a particularly broad selection of materials to choose from as compared to a flat roofing system.

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