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Building owners who live in regions subject to strong winds need roofs that won't be ripped off. A roof made from concrete is strong enough to withstand most adverse weather. Concrete hasn't been commonly used for roofing in the United States, but it is coming into favor, especially with building owners desiring a low maintenance and energy efficient roof. Concrete also has the advantage of being resistant to fire, animals and insects.

Rather than a solid slab, homeowners usually opt for concrete tiles. Tiles were developed in the early 1800s in Germany. Tiles aren't quite as stable as slabs, but they will protect against winds of up 125 miles per hour, which is slightly less than the protection provided by a slab.

Slabs and tiles are heavy, so the building must be strong enough to hold the extra weight. A lightweight version of concrete has been developed, but it doesn't have the advantages of traditional slabs or tiles. Essex County roofers can evaluate the framework of a structure and advise the owners if concrete is a suitable roofing material. They will then recommend the best product.

Owners who choose concrete tiles will find a selection of designs, shapes and colors from which to choose. Concrete is made from a mixture of sand, Portland cement and water. The mixture is poured into molds to form tiles.

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The molds can be almost any design, style or size. Color can be added to the mixture or it can be applied to the finished tiles after they are cured. If desired, texturing either can be added to the mixture or applied to the surface. These techniques allow tiles to be designed to look like other roofing materials such as shingles, wood or stone.

Concrete in general is extremely durable; however, it isn't ideal for extremely cold climates. Roofers must install special cold weather protection to prevent cracking from repeated freezing. That can add to the cost of the roof. Concrete tiles are usually more expensive than commonly used roofing materials, but they can last for up to 50 years if properly installed and maintained.

Depending on climate and how the color was added to the concrete tiles, color may fade over time. That's a problem if one of the tiles is damaged because the color of new pieces won't match the existing pieces. Experts suggest purchasing a few extra tiles and allowing them to weather. Concrete is not water resistant, so it must be sealed to prevent moisture damage in wet climates. Moss or algae can accumulate on concrete. Removal may require power washing or chemical treatment.

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