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Cool roof systems serve many purposes. They are most commonly used for commercial roofing applications, but can be applied to almost any type and material of roof on the market. A cool roof is white or very light colored, and designed specifically to increase the energy efficiency of an existing roof by reflecting a majority of the heat from the sun that is otherwise absorbed by darker roofing materials. For those who are interested in cool roofing, expert Essex County roofers are always available to answer questions about these systems.

Cool roofs are available on the market today under several manufacturers. They are not a new development and have been drastically improved over time. A cool roof is a special type of membrane coating that may or may not be reinforced by fabric for added strength and durability. The membrane is commonly installed over existing metal, slate, asphalt, hot tar, gravel or thermoplastic roofs. Since the cool roof material is light colored in nature, it reflects rather than absorbs heat and ultraviolet rays. Temperature tests done during the summer have shown that temperatures on cool roofs are significantly lower than temperatures on black tar roofs.

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The occupants of the structure benefit directly from this increased efficiency. It is easier to keep the interior temperature at a comfortable level and air conditioning costs are significantly reduced.

Cool roofs also save homeowners and business owners money. A cool roof can be applied over an existing roof that has reached the end of its lifespan. This can be done at just a fraction of the cost of installing a completely new roofing system. The new membrane will completely cover the new roof and provide years of added protection against leaks. Many cool roof manufacturers provide up to 20 year warranties on their products.

Cool roofs are a green alternative to roofing. They have been proven to help reduce local air temperatures by reducing heat built up by the urban heat island effect. Cool roofs also reduce demand on the power grid as air conditioning units are required to do less work. This indirectly results in fewer carbon emissions at power plants. Additionally, coating an old roof with cool roof materials eliminates the need to remove and dispose of the old roof, decreasing the burden on landfills across the country.

There are many benefits and advantages of cool roofing systems. Homeowners who are interested in learning more about them are encouraged to contact a roofing professional.

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