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Slate is a top-notch roofing material in terms of appearance, quality and durability. Its unique architectural features are another characteristic that makes slate stand out among other roofing materials. While an expensive material, slate's durability and long lifespan can offset the costs of its initial installation. Hiring Essex County roofers can save homeowners the stress of installing slate themselves.

Many homeowners wonder exactly how much high-end slate costs. The prices range between $400 to about $3,000 per roofing square. This price is inclusive of the cost of the materials as well as the installation cost. The cost is determined by several factors, which include the quality and expense of raw materials, the expertise of the installer and the time taken to install the roof. Similarly, the type of the roofing to which slate is applied plays a role in the overall expense as well as the roof's design features such as gutters, chimneys and dormers.

The price of the slate roofing is usually calculated by square. In most cases, a roofing square refers to 100 square feet of materials. When the installation is performed, more than half of the materials are hidden because the slate shingles are installed with an overlap between them. This overlap accounts for the hidden material and thus the increase in cost.

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Many homeowners still view slate roofing as cost prohibitive. Purchasing low quality slate or employing the services of a substandard roofing contractor can create more problems in the long run, however. It is therefore advisable to invest in quality materials so as to obtain a durable slate roof.

When well installed, homeowners can look forward to a slate roof that lasts up to 150 years. During this time, roofs made of other materials may have been replaced several times, incurring extra costs to homeowners. Secondly, slate shingles are quite heavy. It is not a surprise to find a shingle roof weighing 2,000 pounds per square. Plywood and other less quality sheets will not support the weight of slate roofing, therefore.

A hybrid slate has come into the market, which is meant to make slate roofing competitive in terms of pricing. The hybrid slate shingle is a combination of actual slate with the addition of a synthetic waterproofing material. Upon installation, the portion of the real material hides the synthetic material. This hybrid has helped in reducing the weight of the shingle, which can be easily supported by the home's decking. Synthetic slate roofing materials come at a lower price as well.

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