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After going through a time consuming process when comparing all of the Essex county roofers, most homeowners want to know that they're getting what they pay for. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. When a roofing contractor uses subcontractors, homeowners lose out.

Subcontracting happens when the roofing company has more work than it can handle. Instead of hiring new employees to handle all of the extra work, the company instead hires a smaller, usually less experienced roofing company to do the job. The contractor collects the fee from the homeowner, then pays the subcontractor a smaller amount. Sometimes, this arrangement works out to everyone's benefit. However, it's also possible for things to go badly.

When the homeowner chooses a particular roofing company, it's because they were impressed by the company's credentials, experience and customer service. If that company hires a subcontractor instead, the customer isn't getting what he or she really wanted. They might get a new roof, but the workers may not be as professional and the job may not be as good.

Perhaps the biggest problem with subcontractors is a lack of quality work. The workers don't always have the training or experience necessary to do the job right.

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Since they're operating under the name of the main contractor, the workers don't have to be concerned about protecting their reputation. If problems arise, the subcontractor is not likely to be the person who has to deal with fixing mistakes.

Sometimes, even bigger problems can arise when the roofing company uses subcontractors. If the subcontractor is a fly by night company looking to make a quick buck, they may not carry proper insurance. Should a problem arise, it can take much longer for the homeowner to get reimbursed. For instance, if the subcontractor causes a fire, the homeowner's insurance company will insist that the subcontractor's insurance pay for damages. Without insurance to pay those damages, there will be a lengthy court battle and the homeowner may be out of a home for quite some time. Always ask to see insurance certificates before work begins.

It's also possible that the roofing company simply refuses to fix any problems caused by the subcontractor. This can mean that the homeowner has to pay a new company to repair issues or even completely do the work over again.

These types of problems don't always occur when the contractor does its own work. Most roofing companies work hard to please their customers and build up their reputation. When interviewing potential roofers, ask whether the company hires subcontractors and think carefully about choosing any company that does.

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