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Dark stains on roofing can be unsightly but are rarely damaging to roofing materials. Homeowners who wish to remove these stains to improve the looks of the roof may need help from Essex County Roofers. This may be especially important if a homeowner is considering selling his or her home and wants the roof to look its best. Because the staining can spread across the entire roof, it can be the first thing a potential homebuyer sees when first viewing the home.

Though these stains may look like dirt or mold, the dark streaks are a type of algae that forms when a roof receives very little sunshine and remains moist, which allows the algae to grow. This is typically seen on north facing roofs or in shaded areas such as roofs underneath a canopy of trees. The algae stains can also be an issue in very humid geographical areas.

These algae stains may be absent near the metal flashing around joints and vent openings on the roof. Copper and zinc are toxic to the algae on roofs, so when rainwater washes small amounts of metals down onto the roof the algae are unable to grow. Some types of shingles have been manufactured to be resistant to algae. If the home is in an area where algae growth is common, these special shingles may be a good option to discuss with a professional roofing contractor.

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A professional roofing contractor will also be able to help the homeowner explore options for cleaning the algae stains and to prevent them from returning. Chemical cleaning may be an option as is the possibility of adding zinc or copper flashing along the peak of the roof to help prevent future growth of algae. Copper is more effective for algae stains than sheet metal but is also more expensive than zinc. Should the homeowner decide to clean the stains from the roof, it is important to take precautions to protect plants or choose a cleaning product that will not damage any landscaped area around and near the home.

The homeowner should also consider options for reducing the amount of moisture on the roof to prevent the continued growth of algae. This may be impossible if the roof slope is steep and faces north. If trees are creating shade that is contributing to algae growth of the roof, the homeowner should consider pruning the trees away from the roof to allow more sunlight and airflow to dry out the roofing material and prevent the growth of unsightly algae.

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