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Every home has at least one or two downspouts that carry water from the gutters to the ground. This system of transfer works wonders in keeping a roof dry and leak free, but over time, it poses a threat to the house's foundation. Especially in areas that see frequent precipitation, having downspouts that simply eject water next to a house can be harmful to the overall value. Too much water causes the earth to shift, forcing any structure above it to shift over time as well. To prevent excessive shifting, downspouts can be extended by Essex County roofers to move water far away from the foundation of a house.

The process of extending a downspout is relatively simple but requires some planning and experience to avoid the risk of flooding the area later on. Along with the drainpipe itself, extended downspouts are constructed using PVC pipes, fittings and adapters that allow contractors to be flexible around obstructions in the ground to find the intended target. During the planning stage, contractors will lay out the direction they desire for their trenches and begin digging.

The finished product does not always match the plan as conditions vary underneath the earth. Digging will direct itself around underground boulders and other pipes that may already be laid down.

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Only after a clear path is established will the actual construction of the pipe commence. At the site of the original downspout, a starter elbow, adapter and reducer will be installed. From there, the pipe will extend throughout the trench, using more elbows to change its direction as necessary.

Similar to an oil pipeline, the finished extension will be entirely underground. Above ground extensions can be made, but are considered unattractive and can get in the way of regular lawn care. Once the extended pipe has been finished and tested, contractors simply use the displaced soil to bury it. Only a small hole will remain where the pipe ends, filled with river rock and pebbles. This hole acts as the capture point where drained water is deposited.

Downspout extensions may be a minimum of 6 feet away from a house, or they can cross greater distances depending on the amount of space contractors have to work with. Even the minimal distance benefits the foundation of a house significantly. Underground extensions require an occasional checkup just as regular gutters and drainpipes do, but as long as the gutters are kept clear, very few complications are likely to occur.

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