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The rising cost of home heating and cooling has led many homeowners to seek out alternative sources of energy. The rooftop of a home, along with its walls and windows, is exposed to intense energy from the sun. Solar energy collection systems can be installed onto roofs by experienced Essex County roofers so that property owners can enjoy a more efficient and state of the art home.

There are two different types of solar energy systems that roofers are able to install. Active solar energy collection systems can be installed onto the roof of any house and are easy to retrofit onto an existing home. They are able to collect more of the sun's energy than passive systems. The equipment is located on the home's roof and consists of photo cells, mirrors and a collector box that converts the radiant energy into heat. Air or liquid in the chamber absorbs the heat and is delivered throughout the home.

Active systems may be air or liquid based. Those based on liquids use extensive tubing setups to transfer heat from the roof to the rest of the house. A venting system blows air across the tubing to deliver heat.

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The tubes can also be connected to water to provide hot water for cleaning or bathing. Large systems can even be used to heat a swimming pool. Air based solar power uses pumps and fans to distribute the heated collected on the roofing. These mechanical devices require some electricity to work.

Passive solar energy collecting setups involve the use of photovoltaic cells on the roof and radiant heat coils and tubing within the home's walls. Windows are also an important part of a passive setup, especially on the home's south facing walls. A passive solar system must be installed at the time a home is built as it involves the embedding of heat collecting materials within the walls, floors and foundation. Only a minimal amount of electrical power is needed to operate passive systems.

Active and passive solar collection systems can be combined in the same house. Both systems cost about the same amount to install although passive systems cost less to operate. In an ideal situation, a home with either type of system will have direct exposure to the sun all year long with unimpeded access on its southern and western faces to facilitate heat absorption. During the summertime, homeowners will not use the solar system for home heat although it could be used for water or pool heating.

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