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When area homeowners hire professional Essex County roofers to repair their roofs, many factors are involved in determining the total cost of those repairs. These unique features are why a homeowner may receive estimates that are higher than the cost of a seemingly similar repair on a neighbor's roof.

Perhaps the most obvious influence on cost is the roofing material itself. A square of laminated asphalt may cost three times as much as a square of standard asphalt shingles. Other influencing factors are slope and pitch. A roof area with a steeper pitch is more difficult to repair and may require additional materials.

There's also the sheer size of the roof and the scope of the repair to consider. Roof repair jobs are generally quoted based on the total square footage of the affected area. It's important to keep in mind that an area can seem small but actually have a much larger footprint due to various roof features. If a roof repair takes place near a dormer, for instance, then the job is likely to require additional shingles as well as flashing and underlayment.

Any kind or roofing protrusion makes a roof repair more complex and thus more expensive. The most basic type of protrusion is a plumbing vent, which will require a roofer to replace the rubber boot.

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Another type of common but significantly larger protrusion is a chimney. Work near a chimney will require additional materials and labor due to the flashing and sealants required. Perhaps the worst protrusion of all is a skylight, which is a substantial leak risk and may require an entirely new flashing kit or even total replacement if the repair is extensive enough.

Another important issue is the presence of existing water damage. Roofs can often have problems, including water intrusion, long before homeowners realize there's an issue. A roofer called out to repair a small section of shingles may find a much larger patch of water damage beneath it.

Finally, a roofer may be required by the town, city or county to obtain a permit for a particular roofing job. In some cases, there's a flat cost for residential roofing permits, but in other cases, the permit is based on the square footage or the appraised value of the home. Homeowners should note that roof repairs are often tax deductible, and the cost of such a permit can often be included in that deduction.

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