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Flat roofs are commonly seen on the top of businesses and industrial buildings. Business owners and managers have several options when it comes to replacing their current flat roof with a more suitable flat roofing system. Essex County roofers can be a valuable asset for companies looking to save on energy or maintenance costs with a new roofing system.

Built up roofing and modified bitumen systems are the two most frequently used asphalt roofing methods for commercial structures in the United States. These two systems are perfect for businesses and industrial buildings, which often have flat roofs instead of the slanted roofs seen on most residential structures. The built up roofing system is very affordable, and the finished product is very attractive. These roofs are constructed with several layers of heavy material and then typically topped with gravel. The thick layers used in the built up roofing system provide powerful insulation from outdoor temperatures, but they also significantly add to the weight of the roof. Because of this, extra precaution must be taken when installing this type of roof, and it's often necessary for employees to be absent when this work is being done.

A modified bitumen system is similar to built up roofing, but it also employs polyester and fiberglass alongside the bitumen roofing material to create an even stronger resistance to outdoor elements.

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As the roof is completed, the added material is frequently rolled on the surface of the roof with a blowtorch. This material is highly reflective, especially when compared to gravel, so it allows modified bitumen systems to be a more energy efficient option for businesses.

PVC is another option for flat roofs. Made of durable plastic material, PVC roofing systems are recognized for being long lasting and energy efficient. Many types of PVC roofing systems employ UV resistant material to help protect buildings from the sun's harsh rays. This roofing system has many similarities to the EPDM roofing system, which has many of the same benefits and qualities of PVC but is composed of rubber material.

Spray applied coating is the most recent advancement in the world of roof surfacing. Spray applied coating offers an easy installation and maintenance process, and the coatings used in this system have reflective qualities that can help reduce energy costs. Spray applied coating does tend to be more expensive than other roofing systems, but its benefits can definitely outweigh its costs in the long run.

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