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Rain gutters perform a surprising array of functions to the benefit of a home's roof, walls and foundation. No matter what materials were used to build the structure, any type of house can benefit from having working gutters and downspouts installed. Relying on dependable and experienced Essex County roofers to install new gutters can give homeowners protection against all the rain, snow and ice that nature can deliver.

Without gutters in place, rainfall will trickle down the sides of a house. For homes built with stucco, wood shingles or wooden siding, this can quickly lead to rot and interior moisture problems. Brick homes may develop eroded mortar due to frequent rainfall. Even a house with vinyl or aluminum siding will develop an undue amount of wear and tear due to a regular stream of water rushing down its exterior.

Once all of that water reaches the soil, it begins to interact with the home's foundation. Concrete and cement are porous and will soak up the moisture. Freeze and thaw cycles in the winter months of the year and condensation during the summertime may cause the foundation to crack.

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When the soil becomes fully saturated by the rainfall, it can expand and push against the home's foundation. The pressure from the dirt may cause a foundation to crack, buckle and bow inward. This is a serious problem that requires costly repairs, such as the installation of steel beams and piers to hold the house up.

The rain may also cause soil erosion around the immediate perimeter of the residence. This situation exacerbates foundation problems and may even cause urgent situations such as flooding of the basement, especially if the home is not already outfitted with a sump pump. A torrent of moisture coming into the home may even push it off its foundation.

When a guttering system is installed, the rain does not have a chance to do its damage. The gutters funnel the water into downspouts, which extend several feet away from the foundation or slab. This allows the water to flow away from the house, so long as the soil is properly graded. Long downspout extensions or downspouts that are connected to PVC pipes and buried below ground further enhance the management of rainwater.

The installation of gutters costs less than the price of fixing a home's foundation. Homeowners may even find that they have less maintenance to do after gutters are placed.

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