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Roofing emergencies can occur at any time, but they're most likely to occur during severe storms. When water starts coming in through the roof or junction along the walls, it's important for homeowners to know what steps to take. While they can rely on Essex County roofers to handle the structural repairs after the storm passes, homeowners can take a few steps themselves to prevent water from seeping in.

If the leak is minor, then start by heading into the attic to see if the point of entry can be identified. Placing buckets directly under the roof can help minimize the damage and keep the home's interior dry. If the attic is not accessible, or the point of entry cannot be identified, then the buckets should be placed directly below the leak inside the home.

A more serious problem would be a hole in the roof sheathing of the home. In this case, the affected rooms should be closed off to keep the rest of the home dry and the family safe. If it's possible to safely navigate the room without worrying about high winds or lightning, then it's wise to take a few minutes to remove personal property and valuables from this space.

One of the more severe scenarios involves a large hole in the main living area of the home.

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Open areas are more difficult to close off, and this can leave the family exposed to the elements. In this extreme situation, it may be necessary for the residents to simply evacuate the home.

It's important to call the roofing company for assistance as soon as possible. While the roofers typically won't come out until the storm passes, homeowners should remember that roofers will be dealing with an increase in calls at this time. Calling early allows people to be put on the list for immediate response when the weather permits.

Once the professionals arrive on the scene, they'll start by tarping off the roof. This will keep most of the water out while they coordinate and perform structural repairs. Most insurance companies will cover the costs of the emergency tarping and subsequent repairs, so homeowners are encouraged to start the claims process as soon as possible.

Severe storms can tear off shingles, and falling trees or limbs can cause serious damage. Even a new roof is not completely safe from harm when heavy storms move through the area. Knowing what to do can help homeowners stay calm and collected so that they can keep their families safe.

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