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Even before a roof leak develops, a homeowner can determine the status of a roof by looking at it from the ground. Regularly checking on the condition of a roof, especially on an older home, could allow a person to spot damage before a problem worsens and increases the expense of repairs.

After learning about which key features to look for, anyone can safely identify trouble areas, which aids in the process of hiring Essex County roofers for a more complete evaluation. While some types of structural damage might require a roof replacement, other issues might be properly addressed with patches and repairs.

To begin, a person should walk around a home and try to get a clear view of all of the roof lines. Straight and level roof lines would indicate that the underlying structure of the trusses is sound and still providing full support. An uneven roof line, in addition to sagging or other irregularities, would indicate that a structural problem has developed.

The possibility that buckling has resulted from a previous shingle replacement also exists. Sometimes, the home will undergo reroofing, which is a procedure in which roofing contractors apply shingles on top of damaged ones.

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This procedure is typically not recommended, however, because the old layer of shingles will experience rotting and decay underneath the new layer. When the roof is replaced, an extensive tear off job will be necessary to remove both layers of old shingles.

Even if the trusses that hold up the roof are in good condition, sagging between trusses would be evidence of rotted sheathing. Even one sagging area on a roof should be inspected by a roofer in Essex County right away to avoid the development of leaks and moisture damage.

Deterioration of the shingles can often be seen from ground level as well. Whether or not any structural issues are spotted, defective shingles must be replaced right away. They are the first line of defense against the elements. When they crack, disintegrate or break away, then water and ice will eventually get into the underlying structure and cause more damage.

Signs of damaged shingles include curling, moss growth, sun faded areas and excessive asphalt granules coming off with rainwater. Although shingles are often rated to last 15 to 25 years, once they approach the end of their life expectancy, they must be replaced.

A person should take the time to visually inspect a roof at least once or twice a year. Other important times to check on roofing would be after an ice storm or one with strong winds.

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