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Although gutters work on very basic principles, they protect a home in important ways. It is essential that homeowners maintain their gutters and look for signs of potential problems to reduce the chances that a home may be damaged by water.

Gutters run along the edge of homes at a slight incline, which ensures that water streaming off a roof ends up flowing to a downspout. The downspout runs from the roof to near the ground, and it ensures that water is directed away from the home's foundation. Essex County roofers may install downspouts that channel the water a few feet away, but they can also install them so that they run to drainage or rainwater collection systems.

It's important that water flows off a roof in a particular manner and is not allowed to just pour off. Water that goes over the side of a roof can splash against and damage soffits and outside walls. It is also important to keep water away from the base of a home because when water collects there, it can damage the foundation and erode the soil around a house.

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Some of the most common issues that may prevent gutters from doing their job are when they develop leaks, form clogs and start to settle. Maintenance can help prevent these issues from occurring as well as extend the lifespan of gutters, but problems can still occur even with proper care.

Leaks can start to form when the seals between gutters erode, so water can work its way through these gaps. Gutters that are older may also start to rust, and water can spill through holes that form. Leaking gutters are normally identified by water pouring out of the gaps along with puddles on the ground beneath the leaks.

Clogs are also a very common gutter problem, mainly because it is so easy for detritus to collect in them. Everything from tiny bits of asphalt to bird nests may end up in gutters, and enough of it can keep water from moving rapidly through the gutters. This will create backups, which will be seen as overflowing gutters and water standing on the roof.

If enough material collects in gutters, it may weigh the gutter down and cause it to settle. When the gutter is no longer tilted towards the downspout, water will not be able to escape. This often presents itself as gutters at a wrong angle and sometimes as the gutter pulling away from the roof.

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