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The National Roofing Contractors Association has documented an increase in the number of homeowners using metal as a roofing material. This growth is due in part to a greater awareness on the part of homeowners about the benefits a metal roof can bring. As most Essex County Roofers can attest, metal roofs have drastically changed over the past two decades. They are no longer the corrugated tin barn roof style that most people are accustomed to seeing. Now, metal roofs are high tech, well designed, fire resistant and aesthetically pleasing additions to the home.

For all their benefits, there are some drawbacks to installing a metal roof. The primary drawback for many homeowners is the cost. Installing a metal roof is going to cost at least twice as much as installing a roof using asphalt shingles. If a homeowner opts to stay in their home for the 50 year lifespan of their roof, they will recover all the money they invested. However, the initial expense of installing a metal roof is quite large.

Another complaint that homeowners have about a metal roof is the noise.

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When rain, hail and other forms of precipitation hit a metal roof, they are going to create more noise than if they were to hit an asphalt roof or a slate roof. However, there are steps that can be taken during the installation process to minimize the drumming effect and to make a metal roof just as quiet as any other roofing style.

Some homeowners shy away from a metal roof because they are worried that it will dent if it is hit by hailstones. Softer metals like aluminum or copper are more susceptible to denting. However, there are other types of metals such as steel and other metal alloys that have been designed not to dent.

Another concern some have is that a metal roof will attract lightning. Metal conducts electricity, but it does not necessarily attract it. In most cases, lightning is going to strike the highest object, be it a telephone pole, a tree or radio antenna regardless of the material that it is made of. However, if a homeowner is concerned that their metal roof will attract lightning strikes, they can easily ground their roof using the services of a lightning protection company.

There are many reasons to use metal as a roofing material. Homeowners should make sure that they are familiar not just with the pros but also with the cons of metal when deciding whether or not it is the right roofing material for them.

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