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As the season changes to fall, it's common for homeowners to hear the scratchy sounds of small animals scurrying in the attic. Bats, squirrels, raccoons, birds and mice are among the most common animals that take up residence in attics throughout the cold winter. Not only are animals noisy and potentially disease carrying, but they're also capable of severe roofing damage. Animals can tear through insulation, rip away shingles and break gutters. Many homeowners only learn about their unwanted tenants after significant damage has occurred. These simple steps should be followed to help prevent pests from moving in.

First, the best preventative step to take is to call Essex County roofers for a roof inspection that will reveal any gaps or crevices in the infrastructure where small critters can enter. Mice can squeeze through holes that are just a quarter inch wide. Have the roofing professional patch any holes in the shingles or around the edges. Pay close attention to the soffit and gable vents where bats can easily wiggle through. It's wise to invest in heavy duty vent screens to cover the holes without disrupting air ventilation flow. Make certain that flashing around the vent and chimney is sealed tightly as well.

Regular maintenance is another easy trick for keeping animal infestations at bay. Clean up dead bushes, leave piles, fallen branches and other yard debris that animals can use for nesting purposes.

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Trim back overhanging tree limbs so that they stay at least 10 feet away from the roof's surface. This will discourage squirrels and raccoons from leaping onto the home. Use a roof rake to gently clear off leaves accumulating in the valleys. Flushing out the gutters and downspouts is also helpful. In addition, keep garbage tightly sealed in a lidded trash can so that odors won't lure hungry animals.

Persistent animals can still make their way into homes even when everything seems to be sealed properly. In this case, homeowners can make their attic less appealing by installing bright lighting. Strobe lights are especially effective because they bother the eyes of bats and rodents. Making certain that the attic is well lit will disrupt the nesting process. On the other hand, building a better alternative is another great way to evict these creatures. Install a cozy squirrel den, bat house or birdhouse that will provide a cozy nesting spot outside the home.

Overall, prevention will be the most effective means to deal with uninvited guests before they create long lasting, costly roof damage. Consider calling a pest control firm to carefully examine the home if unwanted pests have moved in.

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