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Skylights are window openings in roofs. They bring natural light into the home, and skylights that open will also provide excellent ventilation. They can, however, require maintenance and can be a possible source of leaks. If a homeowner has existing skylights or is considering adding skylights to the home, it is important to choose Essex County Roofers who have experience with skylight installation and repair.

Leaks in skylights are most typically caused by installation issues, debris, window seal problems or the need for flashing replacement. It is also possible that the leaking skylight may have failed and needs to be completely replaced. A homeowner should watch carefully for leaks or water stains when rain is present and check for condensation on the inside of the glass. If there is too much humidity in the home, what seems to be a leaking skylight may be nothing more than dripping condensation that can be solved by addressing excessive humidity issues. This can be a difficult problem to resolve if the skylight is located in or near the kitchen or bathroom where moisture tends to accumulate. If the skylight opens, the homeowner should make sure it is closing completely. Photos of the drips when they are active may be helpful to share with the roofing contractor to track down the location and source of the leak.

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If the skylight only leaks during the winter, it is possible that the leak could be due to ice or snow buildup. The homeowner should make note of when the skylight leaks. If it only happens when the sun hits the skylight or when the temperature is above or below freezing, these could be important clues for the roofing contractor to consider when trying to identify and address the issues. Another weather event to watch for is wind. If the skylight leaks only during very windy weather or when the wind is blowing in a certain direction, this information could be very helpful to pinpoint the source of the leak.

The roofing contractor can go up on the roof and inspect the skylight for issues with debris, damage or roofing that are either causing or contributing to the leak. He or she will check the shingles and flashing and inspect for any cracks or seals that may be causing the skylight to leak. There are many factors that could contribute to water pooling and causing a leak, so a close and careful inspection by a professional will provide answers and repair solutions.

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