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Replacing a roof is something that most homeowners only do once in their lives. As a result, most homeowners are not familiar with the technical aspects of roofing and the terminology involved. This often leads to mismatched communication between Essex County roofers and homeowners. However, there are a few tips that homeowners can use in order to communicate more effectively with their roofing contractor.

The first thing that homeowners should know is that it is not necessary to have a complete understanding of all of the terminology that roofers use. Learning to communicate with a contractor is all about mentioning two things: referrals and bids. Bringing up these two topics shows the roofer that the homeowners are serious about their roofing project.

When homeowners first start interviewing companies to replace their roof, the first thing that they need to mention is whether they are referrals. Businesses that take pride in their work will typically get most of their business from the referrals that satisfied customers provide.

The next step is to ask for references. Homeowners should start by calling a prospective roofing company and asking for a list of available references.

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After getting this list, homeowners can call the listed numbers and ask about the company and whether or not the customer was satisfied with the work that was done. Homeowners can even follow up this call with a drive by to see what kind of work that the company did first hand.

Next, property owners should always let the roofing company know that they are calling around to get a few bids. It's recommended that homeowners get no less than three bids. This will give an idea of what kind of cost estimate the homeowner should expect, and contractors will be more likely to ensure that the work they do is of sound quality if they know the homeowner is doing his or her research.

However, individuals should avoid getting a lot of bids. Getting more than three to five usually makes the experience more confusing and more difficult for the homeowner to determine which roofer offered what kind of service. When this happens, the homeowner may end up settling on a random roofing contractor to end the search.

Homeowners should also take note of the contractor's tone and communication style. Reputable contractors will be accommodating and will readily answer any questions the homeowner may have. If the roofer seems in a rush or is not willing to disclose information pertaining to insurance or licensing, it may be time to move on to the next available roofing business.

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