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Replacing the current roof of a home can produce up to a 75 percent return on investment, and this number has the potential to increase with attention to detail. One way to increase curb appeal is to verify that the type of roof matches the architectural design of the home. Homeowners can contact local Essex County roofers to determine their home's architectural style.

Asphalt roofs are the easiest roofs to match to architectural designs because they work with so many styles. This is the roof to turn to if the home's design doesn't fit into the other categories as the material comes in multiple colors and shapes. The universal adaptability of asphalt roofing doesn't minimize its curb appeal as the style creates a clean and crisp finish.

Homeowners can consider asphalt roofing for common styles of homes like Craftsman and Modern Contemporary. It's also great for homes that focus on symmetry and clean lines, such as German Colonial, French Colonial and Dutch Colonial.

Ceramic tile roofing is prominent in the southwestern United States as well as some parts of Florida. This type of roofing originated in these specific areas because of the availability of materials before modern conveniences. Ceramic tiles should be used for Mission, Spanish and Mediterranean style homes.

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Because local materials were also used for the building of these homes, they have similar color schemes and styles, making them a natural match for ceramic tile roofs.

Cedar shakes and shingles became popular in the 17th century, and cedar shingles are still popular in the Pacific Northwest. Homeowners of Georgian and Gothic Revival style homes should consider cedar roofing, which was often chosen as the original roofing material. Georgian style homes, similar to Colonial style homes, emphasis symmetry and are framed around a basic box shape. Along with cedar shingle roofs, Georgian style homes classically showcase double hung windows and one to two chimneys. Gothic Revival architecture became popular in the United States in the 17th century and is known for its asymmetrical features, contrasting the Georgian style. Common features of this style of home include tall chimneys, hood molding around windows and pointed arches.

Metal roofing made the leap from the common choice for barns and sheds to an increasingly popular home roofing material within the last 40 years. Although metal roofing wasn't the original roofing for Italianate style homes, it has become a popular choice for this particular architectural style.

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