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When it comes time to replace or repair a residential or commercial roof, correct measurements of the area of the roof are required to make sure the project is completed correctly. Roof measurements help estimate how much roofing material should be ordered to finish the job. If these measurements are not accurate, too little or too much material is ordered, wasting time and money. Professional Essex County roofers are always available to provide a timely and accurate estimate of the square area of a roof.

There are several different methods that professionals and homeowners alike can use to obtain an accurate measurement of a roof. One method entails physically climbing onto the roof to take measurements with a tape measure. Depending on the size of the roof, this can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Often, the tape measure is not long enough to travel the entire length of the roof. Small sections of roof with odd shapes and angles also complicate this process. With patience and some intermediate geometry skills, an accurate measurement of the square area of the roof can be estimated and provided to the roofing company.

Aerial roof measurements are also an option. Aerial measurements of a roof utilize a combination of aerial photography and satellite imagery.

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In conjunction with GPS technology, these images can provide very accurate roof measurements. This option is recommended for homes or buildings with gables, towers, spires and other features that result in complicated roof dimensions. Within just a few days of being contacted, an aerial roof measurement company can compile a report that details precise measurements of the perimeter, valleys, ridgelines and slopes of an entire roof. This report is always easy to understand. Several pages of the final report will provide high quality pictures of the roof and give pitches, degrees and the total square footage of every section. Perhaps the most useful part of the report will be a page with measurements and details on exactly what type and quantity of materials should be ordered.

While measuring a roof the manual way is cheaper, it is more dangerous and can take a long time. Aerial roof measurements are very accurate and put no one on the roof where injuries can occur. Homeowners may find that aerial roof measurements are well worth the money. Property owners interested in obtaining a measurement of their roof are highly encouraged to contact a roofing professional for assistance.

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