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Essex County roofers recommend that homeowners check the condition of their roof twice a year. It is usually during this biannual check that homeowners determine whether or not they should replace their roof. Often, when they see the damage that things like ice dams can cause to an asphalt roof, homeowners decide to make the switch to a metal roof. Metal is a durable roofing material that long been used in commercial construction. It is quickly becoming the go to roofing material for residential buildings.

Metal roofs come in a wide range of materials. Some of the more popular options include galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Each of these materials has their positive sides and their drawbacks.

Galvanized steel is strong and has a long life cycle. One of the negative sides of galvanized steel is that if it is not properly coated or if its coating becomes damaged, it can corrode. This is especially the case if a galvanized steel roof is installed in coastal areas with salt spray.

Aluminum is another popular metal roofing option. It is lightweight, resistant to corrosion and durable. It does not require any coating to protect it from the elements. However, some homeowners opt to coat their aluminum roof for static reasons. Aluminum roofs can last longer than steel roofs.

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Also, they are less expensive than premium roofing materials such as copper or zinc.

Copper roofs are the most durable roofing material available. Copper roofs have been known to last for centuries. One of the downsides of a copper roof is its cost. Most homeowners cannot afford to cover their entire roof in copper. For this reason, many homeowners will use copper in areas like roof bays, porches or low slope sections of their roof as an architectural accent.

Because of its light weight, metal roofing material can usually be installed over an old roof without tearing off the old roof. This is a cost effective option because it removes the hassle that comes from tearing off old shingles. Of course, before installing a metal roof over an existing roof, contractors will want to inspect the condition of the old roof as well as review local building codes.

Metal roofs should only be installed by roofing professionals who have the experience and the tools necessary to do the job correctly. When installed properly, a metal roof can last for decades. However, if the installation is done improperly, a metal roof will leak and lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and will eventually need to be replaced.

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