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Wood roofing systems can be advantageous for just about any home, and red cedar, in particular, is one of the most reliable options available. This material can provide homeowners with a variety of unique advantages. Individuals will enjoy installing this material due to its natural beauty and strength. Essex County roofers will be able to provide homeowners with a standard installation, but they will recommend that interested customers learn more about why this type of wood can be an excellent choice for the home.

Red cedar has incredible natural insulation properties that can protect against most types of weather damage. While there are many man made materials that can be advantageous to purchase as well, few match the innate thermal efficiency of cedar. Red cedar has stronger insulation properties than metal roofing, and it has even been able to beat out concrete, slate and asphalt when it comes to thermal resistance. In such a way, cedar will save any homeowner money on their heating and cooling bills all year round.

Another benefit to red cedar is its remarkable structural fortitude and light weight. Cedar helps strengthen the existing durability of the roof because the shingles do not add additional weight to the surface. In fact, most red cedar shingles can weigh upwards of 75 percent less than other competing materials.

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Their light weight makes them the ideal material for use in earthquake prone areas. As another advantage, the naturally resilient wood can be particularly suited to defending against hail and heavy storms. Most red cedar shingles have been tested and found to perform well in winds that could reach speeds of up to 130 miles per hour. Cedar shingles were also able to handle freeze thaw shock very well, while other products will end up becoming damaged beyond repair.

Cedar roofing is also a much more environmentally responsible choice, especially when compared to other competitors. The wood is produced from a renewable resource, whereas other produces are mined and produced with stone or metal, or otherwise created with chemicals that can damage the environment. Cedar, on the other hand, is farmed and harvested from large forests that are allowed to grow. Because most red cedar comes from Canadian regrowth forests, homeowners can rest easy knowing that the trees that were used to produce their roofing systems have been replanted to grow again. Selecting these shingles can be one of the best ways to reduce the homeowner's carbon footprint while enjoying a durable and long lasting installation.

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