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Typically, homeowners rely on trusted Essex County roofers to survey and service their shingles. Residents should never walk on the roof to survey it themselves. Contractors offer repair and renovation advice to keep the roof viable for 20 years or more, but homeowners can also provide their observation services to contribute to long roof lifespans. Ideally, homeowners should examine ground level clues to find any roof decline signals that require attention.

Generally, downspouts are prime locations for any indications of a declining roof. For instance, homeowners can examine areas surrounding each downspout after a rainy day. Residents should look for shingle pieces and other telltale debris floating in leftover water streams or puddles. Typically, any substantial roofing material volume sloughing off the structure means damage could be severe across the entire surface. As a smart solution, homeowners can contact roofers for an immediate service call.

Additionally, shingles also drop surface granules as deterioration progresses. In fact, these granules may be mistaken for tiny pebbles across pathways and driveways. Ideally, homeowners should contact roofers for thorough examinations when granules are present after almost any weather event.

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Shingles cannot properly reflect sunlight radiation without granules, making the roof even more vulnerable to accelerated weathering and leaky locations.

Homeowners can continue their ground level inspections by using binoculars to gaze at roofing features. They should examine soffits and roof eave undersides. These areas could display failing wood, discoloration or even rot. Homeowners can take photos of these problematic areas and present them to contractors. As a result, roofers use this detailed information to devise accurate repair plans. In most cases, failing wood at the roof edges means other surface areas and expansion joints are deteriorating too.

Ground level inspections also include interior evaluations. Homeowners should turn on all indoor lights and carefully examine walls and ceilings. Residents can start their evaluations in the attic and move downward through the home. Yellowing drywall and saturated areas should be documented by residents and pointed out to professionals afterward. Indoor and outdoor examinations by homeowners and contractors can accurately pinpoints all possible rooftop leaks for immediate repair.

At some point, homeowners must compare patching costs with renovation investments to improve their rooftop. In most cases, widespread roof damage requires a complete replacement project. Homeowners can benefit from 20 or 30 years of leak free shingles and extensive warranties. Constantly patching a roof, however, only leads to further repair costs and possible water damage to interior components.

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