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Although often overlooked by homeowners, the roof is important for sheltering the inside of the home, maintaining the lowest possible electricity bill and the overall aesthetics. Just as a person's hair color, style and length makes a big difference, the rooftop is also a critical design aspect of a house.

If both functionality and aesthetics are important, search for Essex County roofers that place an emphasis on those aspects of roofing. Functionality doesn't have to be sacrificed in place of aesthetics.

If a homeowner has no idea which roofing design should be chosen for a new home or renovation, a few reliable suggestions include cross gabled, mansard, gambrel and saltbox. Additional roofing styles that homeowners can mix and match are skillion, arched and pyramid.

A cross gabled roof is ideal for houses with complex layouts because it intersects two or more gable rooflines. This leads to the creation of stylish triangular shapes as well, a look that many homeowners love. In contrast, standard gabled roofs are limited to a rectangular shape and are not as great for complex blueprints. Similar to standard gabled roofs, cross gabled are fairly simple in design.

The roofing contractors from All Professional Remodeling of Essex County can assist you with any questions regarding roofing, windows or skylights.

Mansard roofs are a French style that provides extra living or storage space in the attic and allows for the usage of dormers. A mansard roof consists of four slopes with two on each side of the house. Homeowners can decide whether or not they want the upper slope to be visible from the ground. The lower slope is extremely steep, whereas the upper slope is gentle.

Another type of roof that allows greater living space at the top of the house is the gambrel roof. Although they are commonly used for barns, some homeowners like this type of roof for their homes because it can be used in an aesthetic way while providing additional space.

A skillion roof resembles a flat roof that is faintly inclined. Usually, this style is only utilized for one section of the home. Skillion roofing is great for homeowners who desire a modern appearance for their home.

Just as their name suggests, arched roofs are curved outward. Similar to skillion roofs, they are typically used for certain sections of the home but can cover larger areas as well. Homeowners have many stylish options for using these types of roofs.

Shaped like a pyramid, pyramid roofs make an architectural statement when used in the structure of the home. They are best used for small sections of the building.

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