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A home's roof is the first line of defense during major weather events. Roofs protect the entire interior of a home, and properly maintained pitched roofs can withstand harsh storms. However, major weather events often cause serious damage to improperly maintained roofs that can ultimately cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs.

Roof disaster prevention involves protecting the home from specific weathering elements. For example, snow can cause severe damage, including roof collapse, if a specific region experiences heavy snowfall throughout the winter months. Preventing problems related to heavy snow loads starts with determining how much snow is too much for a roof. Essex County roofers report typical roofs on residential homes can normally withstand 20 pounds of snow per square foot. Homeowners should also determine their roof's pitch. A roof with three inches of pitch per twelve inches of horizontal distance tends to incur faster runoff from melting snow, which causes damage to gutters and flashing during severe weather events.

Homeowners must recognize specific problems with roofs that may cause disastrous events such as roof collapse. Regions that experience heavy snowfall during the winter months cause roofs to sag.

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If any section of the roof holds more than 20 pounds of snow, over time, the roof will start to sag, which increases the chances of roof failure during the next major weather event. Homeowners who find sections of their roof sagging should contact a local roofing contractor immediately.

Heavy snow loads on roofs are also a main source of structural weakness throughout homes and buildings. Therefore, homeowners should take immediate steps after a heavy snowstorm to prevent roof collapse. Homeowners can start by removing snow from their roof with a metal snow rake. The best way for homeowners to remove snow from the roof without climbing up is to push the snow off the outer edge of the roof. The process should reduce the snow load and decrease the amount of weight the roof holds. It is best for homeowners to reduce the amount of snow down to two or three inches.

Other areas homeowners should look at to help prevent roof collapse or other disastrous events include severe leaks after heavy snow or rain, walls or masonry with severe cracks and windows or doors that are difficult to open. Ripples or bends in the roof's surface is a sign of a major structural problem, and the next heavy snow storm may cause a complete roof collapse if the homeowner does not address the problem immediately.

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