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The cost of replacing an old roof increases if homeowners wait until the roof leaks or other obvious signs of damage. By the time a homeowner notices the leak inside the house, structural damage may have already occurred.

Fortunately, an asphalt shingle roof that was installed correctly with high quality materials will last about 20 to 25 years, so homeowners rarely face this expense. Homeowners who don't know how old their roofs are should contact Essex county roofers for an inspection.

Visual cues are not always enough to indicate whether a roof is past its expiration, but they are still helpful for knowing when to have a professional take a look.

One sign that a new roof may need to be installed is irregular shingle lines. A homeowner can check the shingle lines by looking at the shingles on the roof to make sure the lines are still straight. Sagging shingles or irregular lines sometimes mean that the sheathing below is rotting. Pay special attention to the roof valley as well because it aids in directing water to the gutters.

Homeowners should also check the gutters for asphalt granules during cleaning, which should be done twice per year, if the roof is made out of asphalt shingles.

The roofers from All Professional Remodeling of Essex County NJ can assist you with any questions regarding roofing, gutters or skylights.

It's normal to find a few granules in the gutter but a lot of granules is an indicator that the asphalt shingles are deteriorating.

Another symptom of aging shingles to check for when inspecting the roof is curled, misshapen, or missing shingles. This doesn't always mean the entire roof needs replaced, however. Sometimes a missing shingle is caused by a storm. It's still important to have a roofing professional inspect the roof in this event because ignoring a missing shingle can lead to other more expensive problems, such as leaks.

Roof leaks inside the home can occur up to one year after the event that caused it. One way of spotting a leak before it noticeably finds a way inside the house is to check the attic for leaks or moisture after heavy rain. Have a roofing contractor inspect a leak because he has the knowledge to determine its source, whether it's from a nail pop or another reason.

Having a new roof installed is an expensive project, so homeowners naturally want to be sure their home really needs it before committing to the expense. Unfortunately, waiting too long to replace a roof that needs it increases the price tag of having the new roof installed. This is because the expired or damaged roof no longer effectively protects other important structures of the home. A wide array of additional problems can stack up, including wood rot and loosened gutters.

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