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Gutter maintenance is an essential subcategory of roofing care. Although a home's rain gutters might seem to be unimportant, they perform the vital role of directing rainwater and melting snow off the roof and away from the structure's foundation. Infrequent or improper care of the gutters can lead to costly roof repairs or even a premature failure of the rooftop. With assistance and guidance from experienced Essex County roofers, homeowners can learn how to maintain their gutters and get the best possible performance from their roofs.

Under ideal circumstances, rain glides down the roof, into the gutters and through the downspouts, releasing the water a few feet away from the home's foundation or into the storm drain system. When trees lose their leaves, seed pods or pine needles, the water is no longer able to freely flow off and away from the house. In the summertime, this can lead to pools of standing water in the gutters. Mosquitoes and other insects are attracted to this. After a heavy rainfall, water could pool on top of the shingles, causing them to prematurely wear out.

Ice dams are another consequence of obstructed gutters. If melting ice or snow cannot drain away, it will freeze in the gutters. Once the gutters are full, the water is pushed up and underneath the shingles.

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Heat loss from the attic allows ice and snow to melt just enough so that it can seep through the wooden sheathing, rafters and joists to create a leak inside the home. Roofers can install additional insulation on the underside of the attic in addition to cleaning out the gutters so that any ice or snow that does melt is able to drain away before a leak or ice dam develops.

Another potential problem spot is the gutter's intersection with the downspouts. This opening is small and is quickly blocked by leaves or sticks. If water collected by the gutters cannot drain out, the gutters will quickly fill up. The weight of the water may be more than the gutters were designed to hold, which could cause them to come loose from the roof or begin to sag. Water could flow down the side of the house, permeating through the walls and concrete blocks of the foundation. The water could also take the opposite course and go back up the roof, soaking the shingles and saturating the roofing felt and plywood decking. While roofing contractors are cleaning out debris from the gutters, they will also check that the openings to the downspouts are clear.

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