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Anyone who lives in an area of the country that experiences cold winters should make sure to take steps to protect their roof. Experienced Essex County roofers know that one of the biggest problems winter weather can bring is damage caused by ice dams. Many people think that ridges of ice forming along eaves and gutters are normal, especially during the coldest days of winter; however, ice ridges along the perimeter of a roof are an indication that something is wrong.

Ice dams are formed when a roof is not kept cool on the underside. Under ideal conditions, the roof will start to warm when spring arrives, and any standing snow will start to melt. When the snow melts evenly across the roof, there is generally no problem; however, if a roof is heated from the underside, snow can start to melt unevenly. Additionally, because other areas of the roof are still cold and covered with snow, there is no way for the melting snow to drain off the roof.

Unfortunately, with nowhere to go, dripping water hits the cold edges of the roof and freezes into ice ridges.

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As more snow melts and water continues to work its way toward the growing ice dam, it can find its way under shingles and underlayment. Water leaks are common in homes that have ice dams.

When the roof remains cool, snow melts evenly, and water can easily drip off the roof. However, making sure that the roof doesn't get too warm requires ensuring that the attic has good ventilation as well as proper insulation. Many homeowners don't realize that as heat passes through their insulation and into the attic, they are putting their roof at risk of ice dams and water leaks.

The best way to make sure that a roof is ready to handle the snow and cold is to make sure the attic remains cool throughout the winter. When there is good ventilation, it can help bring in cool air from outdoors. This is an important part of pushing hot air out of the attic and keeping the underside of the roof cool. Additionally, the right insulation can keep heat in the home and not let it rise into the attic. Of course, heat can also penetrate the attic through gaps in vents or light fixtures as well as ductwork that is leaking. A professional roofer can determine if there are any problems with the attic and take measures to correct the situation.

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